1/2 Pint Plastic Canning Jars with Lids

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These jars are 1/2 pint plastic canning jars that can be used to make PF Tek jars. They can be autoclaved multiple times and are very durable. The jars are straight walled and the lids are white and ribbed for easy gripping. Since they are made of plastic they wont break while autoclaving or if you happen to drop them.

You can use these to grow cakes with the PF Tek, sterilizing grain, LC or any media or substrate. You can ad 50% more PF substrate to these jars because they are taller and have a smaller top surface area, so that means youll get a better yield. 70mm lid. They are also lighter - which means youll pay less to ship them. 1 Jar and 1 lid.

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