Syringe Tek

This method instructed if done properly will yield a sterile/contaminate free syringe. In order to maintain sterility you must do all work in a glove box or laminar flow hood or your efforts may result in contamination. If you do not have a glove box, use a clean surface disinfected with a solution of 1/2 ounce of bleach per 1 gallon of water. You may also spray the surrounding area. Turn off your HVAC system and wait 1 hour after turning it off. The point is that you want your air as still as possible.

Items needed:
Empty sterile syringes Pressure cooker (big enough for a couple quart jars)
Jet Dry
Shot glass (1 for each syringe)
Aluminum foil
Filtered water


1. Fill up a half pint jar with filtered water.
2. Add 2-3 drops of Jet Dry to the water (keeps spores form clumping and sticking to the sides of syringe) and fill the syringes.
3. Wrap syringes with foil and place the syringes into a quart jar with the needle tip facing up and put the jar in the pressure cooker. If the needle isn't facing up the water will shoot out when it boils.
4. Wrap each shot glass in foil for each syringe you will use and place them in a quart jar and put them in the pressure cooker with the needles.
5. Pressure cook at 15psi for an hour.
6. While still hot place it in the glove box that has been sprayed with Lysol. Place your spore prints in the glove box as well.
7. Un-wrap 1 shot glass for each syringe. Scrape 1/4x1/4 of an inch of spores from the print into the shot glass. Squirt the water from one of the syringes and suck it back up with the spores. You can use as much spores as you want. Replace lid and place syringe in a clean Ziploc bag with date and store in a cool dark place.


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