LC Tek

This method instructed if done properly will allow you to creat liquid culture jars that can be used to make several hundred ml of mycelium culture. Since your culture will be sterilized in an autoclave after making your liquid culture, you only need a glove box or laminar flow hood while inoculation.

Items needed:
6 Quart Mason Jars
Drill bit
Light Malt Extract
Karo Syrup
Filtered water


1. Each quart jar will contain 500 ml of liquid culture, so add around 3200ml of filtered water to your Stainless pot.
2. Heat add 2 teaspoons of Light malt extract, 2 tablespoons of Karo syrup and 1/2 cup of Dextrose to your filtered water and heat untill disolved.
3. While your pot is heating, you can make your lids, you can either use injection ports, or polyfill, or both. Drill the appropriate hole size and insert the injection port or poly fill, or both.
4. Add 500-550 ml per jar. On Ball Jars, there are gruaduation marks that you can use..
5. Pressure cook at 15psi for 25 mins.
6. Cool to room temperature, and then promptly inoculate with core sample, LC culture, or spore solution. Incubate 5-10 degrees lower than normal incubation temperatures.


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