Sterilized Rye Fungi Bag, 2lb

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The Fungi Bag contains over 2lbs of Sterilized Organic Rye Berries properly hydrated. Used to spawn to Compost, straw, or sawdust, depending on what type of mushroom you are growing, but may be fruited directly out of the bag or cased in a tray. Optionally fitted with an injection port must be inoculated with a spore or culture syringe.

Instructions: First, inspect the bag for tears or punctures. If there are any, please contact us to arrange for a replacement. Towards the bottom of the bag there is a black foam disc. This is the self-healing injector site. Use a cotton swab soaked with rubbing alcohol to wipe the area of the injection site. This will sterilize the port for injection by your spore or culture syringe. Unpack your spore or culture syringe and flame the needle with a lighter till the needle is glowing red, but not melting the plastic needle hub. Once it is glowing red, wipe it down to cool it. Insert this syringe into the black injection port and inject 2-6 ccs of solution into the substrate. We recommend using no more than 6 ccs because you might over wet the substrate which could result in contamination. Do not insert the needle into the filter patch. Do not touch the filter patch, and do not inflate the bag, this may only introduce contaminates into the bag. Place the bags in a dark location and incubate at the recommended temperature for the spores or culture used. You should see sights of growth within 10 days and be completely colonized within 4 weeks or less if the growing parameters are correct.

Guaranteed to be sterile and contaminate free.

Made to order, usually ships within 2-5 business days.

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